Pickup is easy, to keep is hard

"You're so beautiful, you can have any guy in the world. The guy who gets to keep you is one lucky guy. I'm so fvckn jealous of him right now!"

"Stranger things, you have to see it, it's not scary but it's... It's nice you gotta watch it."

"Why is your boyfriend like that? Isn't he supposed to take care of you not just now, but in the long term too? What's he thinking?"

Notorious lines when executed by a seasoned douche, results in a 100 percent kill rate. It's been done to me. I've seen these disposable daggers used once too many. They are highly concealed, extremely easy to use and leaves a slow creep poison that creates doubt in even the strongest of relationships.

I don't have respect for those who use this cheap and vile weapon. It's a fucking cheat code. I tend to lose respect for a person that falls for attacks like these. These daggers are the destroyers of relationships.

Those who use it recognize the weakness of their prey, and since their prey fall fast, how can they respect their prey since they cannot guard against the effectiveness of this weapon?

When it hits home. Fucking ensues. Then more fucking. Then it gets a bit serious, then its dealing with the realities of relationships. Then the perp leaves. He might get attacked too, right? And saying rings true "Nothing worthwhile comes easy".

The prey isn't the only victim here. Longtime boyfriends, husbands, the guys that work hard to protect and take care of their lovers find themselves having to deal with problems that are true, but now is exponentially bigger since it's complicated by infidelity, guilt, remorse, confusion and now, and the prey's feeling of betrayal by the fucking douche. The poison is well made that it renders it's target soiled and defiled, ready for the next use of any other seasoned douche.

I've walked away from someone who could have been my wife right now. The same filthy dagger has just been used on my recent failed relationship. It took about 4 days to reach its full potency on my now ex girlfriend. Last I got to talk to her she said she needed to be alone, she can't think straight when I'm around. That's over two and a half weeks ago and I'm still reeling pretty bad too because of this fucker's selfish act.

But unlike my years ago ex, I'm committed to making sure this current ex girlfriend survives this attack and becomes immune to attacks like these. At this point, I'm already prepared for the worst that we'll never get back together but saving her, saves me too.

Commitment and loyalty have lost their luster in recent years. Significant others that appreciate this find themselves the luckiest of couples as these remain the only viable weapons against this brutally effective dagger. I've walked away before, meaning I uncommitted myself because of the pain, which translated to a sign of weakness on my end.

Mind you, someone's dick inside your loved one fucks up any strong willed committed guy. So girls thinking of "my boyfriend is just so in love with me he's willing to take me back" which translates to them "weak guy" are so wrong in their assumptions.

It takes everything from them: their strength, their love, their patience, their understanding, to see past that horrible graphic visual. Very few guys can stomach that.

Your new guy's dick in every wet orifice of several willing, dirty, hot malandi girls should keep your thoughs In the proper visual perspective. They usually comment on every new post of the said douche.

The sad part is, the ex boyfriend was trying to protect her from douches that fill lots of wet vulnerable holes every chance they get. Malandi or mabait or maayos. They don't discriminate. And their kill count just gets higher, spreads this poison even farther and the world gets even darker.

As the ex boyfriend I have to deal with the mental image of it. Replaying over and over and over again. I'm having a fucking hard time going past it. Even if a heartfelt sorry and a remorseful heart from an ex is no guarantee that the dagger will not be effective in the future.

And the ex girlfriend says... "Oh shit, I get it" when it's too late...


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