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Riddle me this

How does one go up against a Riddler? This isn't the first time I've encountered one, really. Airbnb had the similar indicators. I mean, I never cared to ask because it isn't that I didn't care about it (how does one go blahblah question), I guess the subject didn't matter much, until now.

To understand "riddler", I must therefore draw conclusions from how "Airbnb" was. Airbnb had a back story so shady, it would have been logical for any fvcker to take advantage and have just abuse unlipop sex. She was with someone else prior to me that provided for her and owned her as his Querida. I guess for a long time she carried the "don't know, don't care" mindset. By the time she fell for me and when it mattered to face the reality of what's been going on with her life for years, she found an exit path via me.

So I went along with the premise, better judgement on my end be damned. My strategy of choice was "the possibility of w…
How can I leave you, you've always beside me. Through thick and thin, you're my silent companion. Effortlessly enduring my nonsensical gripes, my euphorical highs, my useless lulls and everything else in between.

Yet they tell me to break it off with you. I know that I should too, sooner than later. What I fail to wrap my head with is that in exchange for your quiet devotion, you require absolute loyalty