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Simple pleasure in life

This pic really made my day!

About to write then right before I do, I forget! what the?!

It just happened right before I wrote down the title!?! As i continue to write this I am still trying to recall what it was... It's so damn annoying! AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (haha blowing off some steam!)

I'll write it IF... i remember it. SERIOUSLY. This forgetfulness thing became It's own blogpost Itself!

Poor potatochief blog...

This page is quickly becoming a testbed for codes for my other blogs! what phooey!

Blogging Burnout!

This blogging business can really give me anxiety attacks!

It's becomes stressful when you're starting to hunt down codes to increase the site's functionality and appearance, but isn't getting the exact one you like.



This guy! haha!


PQMX76RYKUWN The 'net can be dang complicated

Featured looking for | 20 - 30 Hectare Property

Featured looking for | 20 - 30 Hectare Property

Featured looking for | 20 - 30 Hectare Property
A friend is looking for:

Guys, I'm in urgent need of a 20-30 hectare property. location: from QC all the way to Cabuyao. Very Urgent! Thanks!
Send us what you have!

contact: | 371-5722 | 0917-539-0593 |

The hunt begins

After years of saying to myself "i'll have a beer for a week or two or more" at east of saint louis, i finally did!

"What's it like?" You ask, It feels like an awkward "stakeout" like in american cop movies. EOSL isn't exactly a distillery or resorts world type place to be but at least, the beer is relatively cheap.

The car, or should I say *cars* that I'm stalking are Z's. One is a 240 and the other a 260 zed. Both cars are parked outside the bar left at the mercy of manila's unforgiving weather. Both cars are "cracky" black, the former in a sorrier state than the latter. The 260z is a 1977 model which is a 2+2 (can accommodate 4 passengers) whlist the 240 is a traditional and proper 2 seater sports car. Although both cars are venerable zeds, the 240z is the collectible of the two.

As I wait taking swigs at my P45 beer, I find myself wondering if I would actually meet the owner by some odd chance. To clue you in my dear …

Aircon Woes Part 1

Visited magic emil (My "Mekaniko") for a quick checkup of tgm(The Green Machine). The car had aircon issues for over 3 weeks now: walang lamig. Incidentally, I told him that my car had oil pressure issues and stalling engine trouble when in edsa traffic. After looking around a bit, he noticed that the timing was advanced and suggested that it may be the cause to my woes. He turned it down and voila! My hard starting issues dissappeared! Will have to observe whether this is the cause for my traffic woes and overheating problems...if it gets fixed... my travelling range would extend to tagaytay! Yahoo!

Update: July 20, 2011

The engine still overheats. I still lose oil. The crank for starting is still great though. boo hoo for tagaytay...

Aircon Part 2 when I have money na ulit :)

Evernote, eversuck

Evernote is such a letdown... it teases you with great functionality on you mobile device but leaves you scratching you head for days on end on HOW to extract the information that you've gleefully jot down for over several months now.

Tell you what evernote, if you give me just a quick guide to do this, I'll praise your app till the end of Timbuktu. Don't even try to sell me your app yet... I'll kick you!

The angle grinder, my new friend

For a car nut, it's odd that my first encounter with an angle grinder is at the tender age of 32(haha). This indispensable tool is used fairly often to remove rusted body panels and smoothen out rough or sharp metal edges on old cars.

It's surprisingly easy to use (although i was initially freaked out by the flying sparks) but it does shake the hell out of your arms!

Hopefully I gain more experience with this tool. looking forward to working on a 240z which is recently offered for sale!


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