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This tiny little infant in a blue and white polkadot dress was so cute and adorable. As me and my buddy wait for the sunlounger chairs to be vacated by the poolside, we were left with no other choice but to sit so close to this baby in all its cuteness.

And thats how it started.

Soon i was gazing into the 5 month old-ish toddler's eyes. She then started smiling and twisting her wrist as if she wanted a swig of beer. I had a can of red horse in hand. I mumbled these words to her: "nope, you're too young for this". She was engaging me with her baby laugh and pointed at my drink. She repeated her i-want-a-swig wrist gesture. This kid! I then tell my friend, "yo check out the baby..."

You know what, this darling little toddler was on to something! She gestured to my friend this time that she wanted to smoke what we smoked! My crazy friend gives the sign of approval. I tell baby "nope, dont listen to your uncle, youre too young for that...".

And she d…

Writing Review

My writing in review

I went through the entries I've written since the inception of my personal blog and I'm stunned by the volume of words i've pumped out since late December last year. (I have yet to master Nazi-ing with grammatical, composition and spelling errors... I do have the tendency to post then edit post-post)

Funny how events in your life can jolt you out of a comfort zone. Usually, the entries I make are strictly confidential. As it turns out, my gloriosity hungers for an audience other than myself. Embarrasing for me but true.

It couldn't be that this writing spree happened overnight too. In keeping with the theories found in the book - The tipping point - a series of seemingly insignificant, but related events have led to this moment - that you are reading something that is (now was) intended only for me.

Since my first EPIC global entry - douchie- i've noticed that my speed in writing has increased significantly. The douchebag entry took over six …


I dream of proper sleep. Nowadays, it comes to me so randomly. When I need to, I can't. When I've had enough of it, I still look for more!

My relationship with sleep for a long time now has been either love or hate. I love to sleep as it's my favorite, blissful escape from the world that requires a lot of your time and attention. On the flip side, as you have more of it, you tend to become unproductive and useless to a society that constantly needs your care and participation.

And now at this exact moment, I can't. It eludes me. It's not that I don't want to sleep, it's more of: it's not happening right now.

The Friend Zone

A lot of people dread "the friend zone". This grey area of uncertainty leaves a lot of would be pursuers jaded, dazed and confused.

I certainly do not. I've learned along the way that it's one of the most rewarding, no-pressure, advantageous regions a guy (or girl) can be at. It's a challenge I gladly accept. I thrive in this zone.

I understand that most people hate this because their agendas are cut short prematurely. I say premature because in this day and age of instant gratification, if one doesn't get what they want immediately, it's simply - on to the next. This strategy may be OK, but it lacks the grace or the charm of the long play.

The Long Play
Think of long play as sexual tension foreplay. You see, in friendzone, there is always some sort of attraction going on. It may be one way or two way. Commitment may just be around the corner or needs time or effort to unravel. Keeping this in mind sets you, the "zoned", in the right perspective…

Friday Night

Friday Night

The monotonous humming of the ac motor fills the silence of this Friday night, a somewhat odd and rare occurrence in recent memory.

The darkness envelops my room with only this smartphone's screen and the single yellow led from the AC that gives this room it's play of dark and light.

My minds wanders in thought on what is there to write about? What of the others typically drowining themselves in beer and whiskey? And also of those steamily making furious and passionate love in the stealth and protection of a similar darkness? Of those who partake in snorting, ingesting and taking in other substances in pursuit of a perfect high.

I now join yet those others who choose to stay at home on a Friday night like this. As I retrospect, there really hasn't been much quiet Fridays like these in a long while. I begin to appreciate the freedom of choosing to be home than to rowd away among the social souls of vibrant manila.

There are no friends that need emotional savin…