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It’s the things we do not see that truly begs the question.

What makes a person tick, for example. I for one have always been fascinated by this. It may be because as a former actor, my old job required me to understand and identify emotion to bring forth to an audience. This curiosity made me always want to decipher peoples' minds ever further and deeper.

For example, how does a painter or a sketch artist arrive at the composition of his or her artwork? What were the parameters in choosing the design and concept of the work in the first place? Is the work based on a personal experience? Is it an image in their minds eye that they wish to bring forth via pencil and paper? Why that particular scene?

I grew up surrounded by creatives and have been blessed to call one of the country's premier artists of all time as grandfather. Furthermore, my uncles, aunt, cousins and siblings express art in their own unique ways. I do, to a certain degree, possess the same innate skill of sketchin…


I miss my simple, silly old life. I need a reboot. I've been chasing after goals and expectations that's wearing me down right about now. Not that these changes are bad per se, its just that I barely remember why i'm going through this transformation in the first place.

It started with a girl, as with most overhauls. Pero ang tagal narin nun. I've moved on for sure. I don't want a rerun of that experience hence the upgrades and the whatnot's.

So what has changed since then? Now i'm fully committed financially to rebuilding an iconic japanese vintage sports car. I've finally cracked the dry spell of non-tvc-ing. Thanks also in part to new friends. It did help that i maintain a certain weight that registers better through the lens. In losing weight, visually and physically I've never felt this confident in a very long time. Aside from the self imposed pressure im experiencing now, i'd say its positive growth for me. I'm starting to fit the …


And we cross paths again.

Not entirely by accident, but not without the element of chance. I had hoped to see you. I hoped that you'd be where I knew you might go to...

As you weave through the crowd upon your arrival, on hopes confirmed: cheesy as hell, my heart was a-flutter!

I discreetly tell my friends that you've come. Predictably, I was panicked. All I could that time was measly "Hi". I hurriedly kissed your cheek. Cheek on cheek only. It happened so fast. Half a second later, I waved you the "see you around and about" salute. After that, like a ninja, I vanished! I blurred and blended with the visual noise of people and installations of that evening's occasion.

I glance at my friend, she wore an amused but with a virtual facepalm expression on her face. I wasn't sure if she saw how pathetic my opening move was! I was cringing at my wimpyness! My other friends gave me this disapproving glare that says: you and I don't fit. Aka - I'm n…