Fear strikes back

Fear attacks in the shadows. And this attack came if form of a video made by one of his pawns. Buried in this FB video is fear's pawn saying "and I get to spend time with the person I really admire". Amiela believes that this guy is just a nice guy. I know its more than that. I know their kind all too well.

That tactic is to solidify its stranglehold on Amiela. The scorched earth. By placing his pawn closer to her, any attempt I make becomes useless in the eyes of Amiela. My rescue move too little too late. It was a dagger straight to my heart. I know how effective that move is. I've seen it done countless times before. She will be tagged of that video and she will reply favorably to it.

I had to disassociate my hatred of this person and realign it as what it really is: a strategic move by my enemy. I cannot stay idle and watch as this move unfolds. I talk to my mom to make abundantly clear: the urgency of my plans. That there is no purpose in delay in them. That I am bloodthirsty to exact a revenge on this enemy. I cannot wait to bring the fight offshore.

As of now I'm heading to Princeville to resume cleanup operations at the condo. I will get in touch with the electricians and the plumbers to restore these utilities. Next step is to draft the contract between me and my best friend. Soon after that he settles the unpaid charges he owes the condo association.

I have to move with great haste.


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