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The little green machine

Steady as she goes this little green machine. Nostalgic, cute and interesting - some words that wrap around my head when I think about her. She's not the fastest old lady around the block. She's not the sexiest nor the smoothest one around. But every time I spend time with her, she gives me reason to take care of her even though there's "someone" else that has captured my heart oh so completely - it's that fair, fair lady.

I catch myself looking at her, staring even, for moments at a time. I say to myself, "should I keep you, why do I keep you?" And yet she stares back without a word, with a smug face that tells me, "you love me". I have to concede and agree.

Bewitching this little green machine. Faithful, easy to be with yet quirky sometimes, she gives me countless reasons to smile. And again, I have to concede and agree when she tells me, "you love me".

The journey so far...

Remember the story we usually hear in seminars and retreats that tells us of  mountain climbers in mount everest? The one that tells us that there are lots of climbers that will take the trip to everest and end up in the "rest area" and not reaching the summit despite the challenges they have faced so far? Well, i'm at that exact resting camp right now and it feels... off.

Off in a sense that you've lost your purpose and although you've accomplished something already, (reaching that final stop-over before the summit) you kinda know that you just want to stay where you are and find solace that you've done more that most people would have dared to do. The feeling of weariness and contentment kicks in.

Which leads me to ponder, what's next? What's stopping me in pursuing my personal summit right now.

Firstly, there's an issue about focus. I'm such a short attention spanned fellow. I'm like an engine that cuts off way before I reach the red li…

My Addiction

Few people are still into this.

In the age of the DSLR, Ps3 and Xbox360 my interest is as old and socially uninteresting as say, public speaking in a park discussing social issues. Unfortunately for me, the hold on me grows stronger since the advent of web 2.0. Since online forums, pictures and videos abound whereas only books and a few magazines were available about a decade ago, the dwindling yet ever engaging hobby persists to those of us who are hooked to the pursuit of scale modeling perfection.

Did I mention that this is about scale models - specifically automobile scale models?

Anyway, let this be a warning to the curious. Try NOT to visit the sites posted here. The effects may be damaging to your perception as to how achievable auto scale modelling perfection really is.

Automotive Forums - automotive art:

Scale Auto Mag:

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