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People's propensity to disappoint

Peoples propensity to dissappoint.

To leave or walk away from someone doesn't always begin when they betray/cheat/lie to you, it may simply be set off by a string of minor dissappointments. You see, when someone continually let's you down for any reason, you tend to be disheartened with them. Case in point, someone offered me car parts that i wanted pretty badly, he offered that i could have them in under a week's time. Its been over 2 months and i still dont have the part. I understand why there is a delay but it doesn't mean im not overly irritated by the lengthy delay. I wouldnt transact with this person ever anymore either after this.

Its similar to an allergic reaction. Once it's set off, you most likely wouldn't want to get afflicted by it again. And if like some people that are allergic to shellfish that couldn't resist shrimps or crab, insistence is a choice with post indulgence consequences.