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A worn out shoulder pad and what seemed to look like a spaghetti strap.

She call out to me from the bedroom with something like: "Huy, ano to?" while referring to those items like evidence to a crime. I gaze into her eyes, upset and glowing red with a determination I can't quite seem to grasp. "I don't know." I replied. My shoulders shrugged as I think to myself, what's the real angle here? "I know we're not together (as a couple) pero bakit may strap ng swimsuit dito?". Words of suspicion as she slowly shakes her head and her body so stiff while I try to ease her being so wound up. "Y'know, the only other girl whose gone up here is your younger sister (7yo) for a swim. And these shoulder pads... " My God, those shoulder pads were frayed and worn out and looked like they did come from under the bathroom sink in which, by the way, is where I saw and didn't mind moments earlier.

Long and short of it, she hurriedly left my…

You and Me

Its not that I'm not drawn to you. I am. I check your Facebook page every so often within my day, every day, to have an idea, a glimpse, of how you are, what you're feeling, what's going through your head. To no ones surprise, the whirlwind romance the randomness of our chance encounter has brought us has finally come to pass.

From a perspective, how we are, how it is this moment is the second best ending we can ever hope have. No face to face, neck wrenching drama a worst case scenario of parting ways would sooner or later, bring. No bitter and foul words exchanged. No ill wishes harbored for one another. No monsters created. I'd rather this, right now. This. This... I don't really know what's going on in that hope filled head of yours. That despite my stubbornness with staying away from you, I still kinda hope that you'd eventually stumble upon this blog entry because you were trying to understand what's going on in my jumbled head as well. That des…