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My Addiction

Few people are still into this.

In the age of the DSLR, Ps3 and Xbox360 my interest is as old and socially uninteresting as say, public speaking in a park discussing social issues. Unfortunately for me, the hold on me grows stronger since the advent of web 2.0. Since online forums, pictures and videos abound whereas only books and a few magazines were available about a decade ago, the dwindling yet ever engaging hobby persists to those of us who are hooked to the pursuit of scale modeling perfection.

Did I mention that this is about scale models - specifically automobile scale models?

Anyway, let this be a warning to the curious. Try NOT to visit the sites posted here. The effects may be damaging to your perception as to how achievable auto scale modelling perfection really is.

Automotive Forums - automotive art:

Scale Auto Mag:

Do not register (5 mins to do so) to view the pictures and …