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Its Going Gown

So ive downloaded this new app called Tinder and frankly, its freaking me out.

I dont know how I should react to this dating app but what i'm sure of is that it makes me nervous just to say hi on the message board.

Its not like the girls that swiped right are the exactly the girls I like, I just found them cuter than the hordes of other girls i've swiped left...

Some things never change for me. I truly still am a torpe kind of guy. I really don't know what to say and i'd rather think or write about this moment than to actually just simply say hi.

I also don't know where i want this to lead to. Sure, it might be interesting for me to meet new people this way but the newness of this method kinda overwhelms me still.

Should I wait for them to message me instead as my friend recommends? Should I wait awhile before I message away? Should I practice saying hi to girls I don't mind not getting to know so I have a bit of small talk experience when I chance on the rig…