The Lowdown

My research is nearing its end.

The douchebaggery should not continue any further. (Except for panagbenga and labor day weekend haha) The results of this exploration may be repeatable and measureale, a cookie cutter strategy that may work for many types of guys.

It's not about if it's easy or difficult to do. Suffice to say it is doable. Some components just require time to practice and more resources than usual but the yields are the same.

This new world order is all about: confidence, first impressions, appearance, cunning, and closing.

Before you could proceed with the other steps, one must have confidence mastered to a certain degree. This should at all times, be exuded whether you'd choose to be an introvert or extrovert at that moment. I put emphasize on how important the mastery of this is. It is the foundation, the source of strength. This actually is the magnet that draws girls torwards you. Anything you do or say in confidence leaves a lasting impression, good or bad. To clarify, you don't need to be mayabang when you're confident. You just have to know what you bring to the table and know by heart that you can deliver when it is required of you. Confidence in short, is an aura you emit that others pickup sooner or later. It's direct inverse may be fear or nervousness.

First Impressions
The first impression is the-most-important aspect in bagging the intended girl. Fvck this up and it takes so much more effort to undo the damage of a wrong first impression. To create a lasting first impression and to make sure it becomes a positive one requires the most preparation of all. A guy should know firsthand what image he wants to portray. In my case, my default would be the good boy, happy go lucky, party anyday kind of image. I choose this because i'd like to think i am this. This doesn't mean that's all im about, its just that this image kind of translates to: i'm a fun guy to be around with. This perception is very important. Why? Anyone and everyone tends to gravitate easily to fun and happy vibed persons. If someone else takes on this role with much gusto in a group however, the better strat is to be the observant, silent, polite, supportive but participative guy. "Haha's" and "tama yan's" should be liberally used to support the current alpha. Allow that person to shine but do not allow this person to diminish your light so to speak. (There are others that do, so watch out for these assholes)

Aside from this, it is paramount to have a wolfpack with you at any given time. You cannot always be on top of your game at every single moment. Your wolfpack helps guarantee and affirm that you are what you portray. They will help you send this message to those you meet for the first time. 3 is the best number for this. ill explain the dynamics of this another time.

Appearance. Your appearance is what is checked out in the first place, doh! This part you could easily pick up in a magazine article or the internet. I won't detail on this too much, all i'd like to say is keep to your personality and preference but try to "wear" that look as best you could. But, motherfvcking please, keep with the basics: make sure your nosehair is trimmed. Your teeth pearly white. Your nails are clean and also, that you do not have bad breath or putok! Its not always about looking gwapo, its all about carrying yourself well. Ramon Bautista got this to a tee. Nuff said!

Ah, cunning, my favorite subject. This is where practice is most required. I had to do a lot trial and error with this one. Cunning-ness entails alot of elements to come together and this requires action on your part. It requires you to use weapons and technique: witty words, excellent timing, a databank of multiple unrelated topics to discuss, money, and resources. When a guy over-exerts himself in this he loses his stealthiness and throws away the advantage he has. I've learned recently that in this world order, fair play is not anymore a fashionable thing, unfortunately. Lets explore this, blow by blow. You're with a group of friends and you spot a girl you fancy. What do you do? You should always look for an opening within the group. Also, try to understand the dynamics of the group. Is there an alpha? a gay guy? An ate figure? Are they in a good or bad mood? The opening usually is the friendliest person in their group, and that is the person you should approach. What do you say then? You introduce yourself first to the friendly peep: "hi, im so-and-so and we've been wanting to meet you and your friends. I really hope thats okay. And you are...?" Extend your shakehand o friendship. Smile. Wait for the shake to connect. That isn't so hard say or do, diba? If things go well, get yourself introduced to the girl but even better, to the group, so your friends could move in also. The wolfpack helps you hold down the fort and it reduces pressure and attention from you while you commence with the next and final step (in a bit). When you've established a stable foothold within their group, it is the opportune time to zone in to the girl you like. "Eh it didn't din't work naman eh!" you bark back. Its simple. politely smile and apologize, nod and silently agree at the awkwardness of that moment (funnily), wish them good vibes as you slowly and confidently walk away. The important thing here is that you stepped up. That is your first impression with them and thats a good thing.

Which leads us to closing. Closing is the culmination of your cunning-ness. The wealth of topics in your head should easily be be accessible to you. You should not access them like bullet points in a Powerpoint but rather, like words floating in a cloud. They shouldn't be consciously thought of either, it should appear to be as effortless as can be. They can be however, be categorized depending on the flow of the conversation. Relax. Chug your beer. Before you have the convo started, always, I mean always, ask yourself: What's this girl like? What does she like? What makes her tick? Try to understand why you are drawn to her in the first place. Keep your queries intentional and specific. After you ask a question, try to relate a kwento that is inline with her answer. This establishes connections that you and that girl has. With these guidelines in mind, you're off to convo/landi-an land. I'll try to clue you in on why I chose these specific questions. Lets begin: "So, do you often go to this starbs/bar? i do think its the first time ive seen you here." (this helps establish where she lives, if you're gonna bring her home later) "we hangout here every so often, yada yada..." (then fluidly shift to current events... ) "grabe what happened to Tado ano? Wawa the guy..." (something both of you can relate to...) as you converse, find details from their table and group setup and ask about... "how are you guys friends? From college or from work? Where did you go to college..." and as these details emerge, again connect funny/interesting stories you've had in college or whatever. Then shift her attention naman via a friendly kampay. "cheers!" With matching bitin smile. Pay her a random complement from time to time too. Say something like, "sorry, im so adhd about your hair, I really like the color, it really fits you". Look at her hair as if you're looking at the mirror and looking for whiteheads on your nose, sans the annoyed look in your reflection. Complementing a girl means you're paying attention to the things that matter to them most of the time, their appearance. (Sorry girls, this is sooo true haha) At this point, convo should be free flowing. Topics ranging from going to the gym, to TV series, to recent travels, to horror stories with ex's... the key here is, keep the convo light. Because of confidence, you could easily ask if she's with someone or not. Obviously, the guy isn't there otherwise a cockblock would ensue.

To close-close, there are two possible endings to this. Either you get her number, or try to bring her home, same night. The former is easier. "I'd wanna hang with you another time sana, this shouldn't be the last. What's your number? Do you have instagram?" The latter takes more time, convo, kampay, alcohol, rinse, repeat. To try to bring her home, try this: "Wanna grab a bite before we call it a night?" To everyone: "tara kain tayo, theres a pares place nearby, sarap dun!" Before your post inuman meal finishes, "you live in so-and-so diba, ill drop you home nalang, its on the way naman" (kahit hindi on the way, hahaha... in your most polite, non threatening, impossible to be a kidnapper game face) OR if you are in sutil mode, the apt line would be: "tara, tulog na tayo. Haha" with a mischievous smile haha! (If she answers, "maloko ka, ano?" but smiling... #alamna)

Parting Words
What happens after this depends on your intention with the girl and the people you've just met. Intention dictates your desired outcome. There could be fairy tale ending to this story, but your intention should never be verbally revealed till the very last moment. Some even don't reveal their intentions at all. True intention seems to be the mystery ingredient that all girls desire above all to discover. The longer its held from them, the tighter you wrap them around your finger. Akin to a mystery movie, the better the intention is cloaked, the more interested these girls become. Explore this idea carefully, as this is the master key I've found in my research.


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