Lazy days

Lazy days

Are some of my favorite days, I'm ashamed to admit. I indulge in it without a care in the world. Same clothes from the prior day. Optional toothbrushing and electricity-saving-darkness in the absence of light within the confines of my black hole of a room.

Passively participating in social media networks like twitter, instagram and facebook. Playing a casual game or two of Dota. Taking random cig breaks. Instant coffee.

The freedom to do nothing is a cherished gift indeed. With life's endless offerings, just to choose what to do becomes a boring chore to be honest. Bruno Mars made money on this too din't he? Did he come up with his chart topping song on a hectic busy day? I don't fvcking think so. In his state of money making brilliance he was alluding to this state of wanton disregard. More money for him to earn so he doesn't have to 9-5 like most folks.

Here's an idea I'd like to share with the haters of this day and to haters of the lazy in general: we (lazy peeps) work hard to earn days like this. It's simple: Do what you gotta do and what's expected of you in the shortest possible time. Perfection isn't the measure. It's about figuring out the quickest exit path, irregardless of what the norm dictates. We, the lazy, are excellent problem solvers in that sense. If hired by corporations, we find solutions where there seemed to be none. We think of ways to make processes shorter, work lighter and in turn, makes my life better (and for everyone else of course). We are amazing at finding loopholes in situations. We gain perceived unfair advantages over those laboring on the same tasks.

But when the lazy choose to apply themselves, wherein a reason to get up is more compelling than vegetating in one's bed, that's when the lazy outstandingly shines. This is when most people commend us since the quality of our consistent work trumps some of the best works the hardworking can come up with. I suspect the reason for that is: that from an observer's point of view of us being lazy at that moment, we are in fact, daydreaming. We are thinking, strategizing, demystifying and ultimately creating possibilities. And after having pondered on how to escape a sticky situation, we, the lazy, put into action what we have imagined and solved with simplicity and efficiency.

This is where frustration between the hardworking and the lazy come in. Notice the hate when the lazy gets the job done quickly. Notice how the lazy one gets more tasks assigned to him or her despite having met the requirements. Notice how the lazy get irritated for being reprimanded for delivering what is asked of him.

The lazy do not require the best, we only want what works. Excellence to the lazy, is simply an option. It isn't that we don't appreciate excellence. Maybe it's just not our default to do so yet excellence could be delivered if urgently needed. This could be why we have this perpetually laid back vibe.

And despite me being so lazy atmo, I'm able to create a blog entry like this. And I hear in my head my friend's expression: "God dang it!"


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