I'll admit, the first thing I noticed was how pretty you are. Your beautiful face and your sweet and cheerful smile comes to mind when I think about you.

Not that it's all I see of you. It may also be the way you carry yourself all too well. The way you brighten a room full of people or in the inaudible conversations you have with your friends that my captured mind finds intriguingly fascinating.

I continue to observe, musing to myself whether I should discover more about you or to simply keep my distance. My curiosity gets the best of me and I soon find myself trying to come up with a lame, hopefully casual, but nonetheless nerve-wracking approach just to be able to simply say hi.

And so I do. I blindly rush onto talking to you, suppressing the shyness inherent of me. I find myself trying to keep conversation light but engaging enough for you to say more than just hello. In perhaps your politeness, or some lucky twist of fate, the exchange of words turn out to be far better than I could have hoped for, feared or imagined.

In my usual, nervous-as-can-be-while-trying-not-to-be-obvious demeanor, I begin wrapping up the same convo just nearly as soon as I've started it. By me doing so is testament that beyond the draw of how disarmingly lovely you are, you confirm without saying that there truly is more to you than meets the eye.

Mere moments that exchange was... I retreat prematurely in hopes that you don't see early on that by the time you've continued beyond casual hello's, that the man in front of you has withered into a spineless, jelly-kneed creature already enchanted by your every next word or thought.

I had to save myself from grand humiliation. It's a fear I'll never get over with. Yet as I walk away, my heart leaps and shouts out loud on what a worthy inspiration you have become. A tempered smile forces its way to a face flushed red, lost in emotion.

I barely know you. It works both ways. I don't even know if I'm capable of taking care of you. My insecurity rears its ugly head. Yet I'm thinking so far ahead about the potentially wonderful possibilities of you and me. We.

I pause. Smile. I relish this moment. I wrap my head around this simple little fact: That I'm crushing on you.


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