C'est la vie redux

There will always be critics.

And there will always be rainclouds, those who wish to ruin your parade. Can you stop them? I sure can't. So what else can I do?

And that's the mindset I choose to be in when faced with situations like that. I'd rather the question "what else can I do?" than to default to "life fvckin sucks". I'd rather face adversity and challenge with a fvck you twin dirty finger with a smug smirk on my face than to allow myself to sink into whatever shithole life throws at me.

We all experience bad days, bad situations, bad lots in life. What makes you or me different from the rest of the world then? Reality check: There is no difference between you and me. We deal with problems equally proportionate to what we can handle and it's a matter of how we handle the shit when it hits us.

I'd rather choose a cheery outlook any fvckin day than to fvckin mope and cry when bad days happen and we all know they do. The crying and emo-bombing will ensue and cannot be helped, so on the days you can handle it why choose to be in a sorry state?

I also prefer to keep my struggles to myself than to drag someone else down in the rabbit hole of bad vibes. Why show the world that "woe is me" when the world wouldn't give a rat's ass to my problems anyway? I'm blessed that I have dear friends that have helped along the way too. So on unbearable days, they share their light with me as well. I love them to bits for it!

Life can be a real bitch. But what can you do? So I part with these words, again: C'est la vie. For the not so bright, it translates to - that's life. Good fvckin night ;)


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