You dear

You dear,

I find myself writing and re-writing on what I wish to tell you. I'm glad that only this is what I truly wanted to say: I have experienced this elusive thing once before, and my truest intention then was to share and show you how real and moving it really is. I was lucky enough to be able to have expressed this once upon a time with no restrains, no pretensions and no expectations of it being returned yet it did. Notice that I had no regrets as to why and how things progressed "post moment". I did cringe many times (trust me) but yet I was compelled to share it. It was still pure and real when it was happening and I gave as much as I could, so at the very least you'd have an idea that despite what we both go through in the uniquely different lives we lead, that not all things beautiful are corrupted and lost.

Time changes things, thankfully it has for me as well. The pixie dust has settled. The rose colored specs have come off. The memories that linger do not have the same emotional charge it once had. Now, all that is left is a closed book of what transpired during that time. I've stopped actively deconstructing the events in my head, and to get back to balance, I focus on moving forward and choose to disregard what had happened in the past. There is no room for "cherish" yet, as I'm not sure if there really is something to cherish anyway.

We will see each other sooner or later. By the time we do, things are far from how it was back then. Our current disposition is arguably so much better and on that note, I wish only the best for the both of us.



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