Cheeseball Chronicles Sep 9, 2004


Hi baby,

Hope this letter doesn’t strike you as an unpleasant surprise, it’s just that I can’t help but write you something as personal as this… It’s just a too damn sweet opportunity to pass up! :) Please bear with me on this one k?  Hehehe… :)

I just caught myself pacing the hallways of my house a few moments ago (9am), thinking, and dwelling on nothing but you. I found myself missing you immensely as if you were away for the longest time (but you were!). As much as I want to keep my thoughts contained, try as I may it just wouldn’t be the case.

Them stupid smirks, head shaking moments, grunts and hisses… only a few ridiculous reactions to the medley of thoughts regarding you. :) Laughing at how C-struck I’ve become, grossed out on the new heights of cheesiness I’ve attained, constantly reminding myself to take it easy, keep my cool, and play it smart yet… you’re already reading this parody of a “love-letter” aren’t you?  

I find myself part amused, part amazed and completely perplexed on how you can make me feel this way. I’ve always imagined myself being around someone like you yet nothing prepped me for the real deal, seriously. You’re this self-reliant, good-natured, emotionally mature, cracked-up funny, down to earth girl among other things and it’s nice to actually know that someone like you isn’t just some figment of my crazy imagination. Of course, it remains a humbling bonus to know that this fine woman regards me as her significant other… how cool is that?

Now that the conspiracy of having you has already succeeded, thanks to my overpowering wit and charm to say the least hahaha! :), none is the task more daunting than to keep a woman of such remarkable quality perpetually pleased and satisfied. Gone are the days of planning, taking my sweet time, endless hours of consulting, now is the time to put my relationship skills to the test. For the five years under my belt, my knowledge in it is just so completely different to what we have and now I feel like an inexperienced amateur, incompetent in handling such an important duty as being your man… as of the moment. You just wait swithart… :)

As in so far with how things have been since we’ve been together, I’d say that I have no misgivings with how things are going. Not to say that what we have is unnaturally perfect, I am still adjusting to how things are in terms of seeing it as “We”. It’s the first time I have encountered someone like you, so in terms of pushing your pleasure buttons I am near clueless although I’ll get to that, believe me :)  

In closing, hehe, all I really wanted to say was I missed you… I obviously did. Really excited to give you this and see how you’d creatively brush it away :). I really am so into you C, it’s so blissful and scary all at the same time… Yikes!

Anyway, I don’t wanna run out of nice things to say by saying it all in just one letter, not that I will! :) Gotta keep “puss and boots” in check already, you might wrap me around your cute little finger too much, wouldn’t want that naman diba?  

Oh ya, your ability to always assume nothing still gets me every time baby! Ibang klase! And I Really really missed you…


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