You dear alternate version

Jan 27, 2014

You dear,

And the cold weather doesn't help either does it? ... :) Yet on some nights it helps you to cling tighter to something of tremendous value, oneself. In doing so, it helps you look deeper on what matters to you most, and I'm happy that you have arrived at your current conclusions. Your journey at this point is yours to take, I merely showed you that there are other options that you may have not considered before.

There is no propaganda as I write this. I wanted to talk to you for the longest time and truth be told these were the only things I wanted to say: That I just want us to be okay. I don't like the weirdness between us. I know how to manage expectations and I know that you know that. That's why you like me in the first place, among many other things diba? haha :) We could continue with the current charade but to what gain? Is it more fun this way than the previous version? Kasi mas trip ko yung dati.

Commitment is a big responsibility. I didn't really consider that up until that moment. But as with any moment, they also have a tendency to fade away. A connection however, is a different thing altogether. I do not sever connections unless someone has wronged me in a big way. It can be difficult to find connections like that, and as an intimacy junkie, the rush it brings is euphoric beyond any spirit or drug. Intimacy can exist without commitment. I've also learned through experience that it doesn't even need to be expressed physically either.

You know what? you still have free coffee on me. Since technically, the last round was your treat ;)

I'll see you when I do and when we do see each other, stop acting like a child na, please.... :)

Also, please, just don't ever call me *buddy*. That's the ultimate *stay away!* thing to say. I mean it. I will kick your ass if you do.



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