Cheeseball Chronicles May 26, 2004

May 26, 2004

I can only…

I can only ask you out, but never ask you to like me
A nudge perhaps to look my way, but not too much for you to sway
Wish I might to tilt you to me, I can’t, I shouldn’t
For not even The God of Love did, so why should I

A moment spent with you, remains a simple yet profound joy
A selfish yet childlike wanting, to have more… so much more
But to have more, remains another story
For to have Love without it freely given, would be childish

A serious want, to give so much more
It pains, it really does, to withhold real Love
To let loose such a love and expect the same
Would never be real Love wouldn’t it?

A tear shed would gladly suffice, to humbly remain silent
Hopeful but silent that you gravitate to me
Without contempt nor pity, not of what I show but what you see
I gladly wager love for this, rather than have anything else…

For I Believe that a love that is true should simply fall into place
That to meddle with the affairs of Love is to discount what love is
Its purpose lost, its meaning left misunderstood
Love convicts each and everyone differently; this is how it convicts me

As to why it is such, eludes me
A tragedy, yet a cause worth championing
Maddening but still remains truly inspiring

A seemingly lost cause nevertheless very much worth fighting for


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