Other foot forward

Holding back with walking with her to her car. A casual salute instead of a lingering beso to say goodbye. Less charming jokes. Less complementing how gorgeous she truly looks.

It's natural for any species to put on their best foot forward. To appear far more dangerous, a cobra extends neck flaps while rising high above ground. A peacock fans it's tail feathers to dazzle its potential mate. A douchebag acts as if he cares so he can sleaze his way into damp panties. Such is the evolutionary world. Our survival depends on it.

Yet the species with far more advanced language, it's female branch, regularly complain about being duped by this spectacle of best foot forward. Their words form menacing sentences describing to their co females how deviously toyed with they were. They rant that had they known yada yada yada... They wouldn't have yada yada yada.... Mostly panties related conversations.

If the premise that we as a species have advanced far beyond our primitive ancestors, why then is the practice of just checking what the fucking other foot looks like not the immediate next step?

Here's another. It seems that as a bipedal species, that somehow, the other foot is so far hideous and disgusting it's fucking abnormal. Right?!

I'm trying to arrive at the point of this entry... Ah... In presenting the other foot forward, no feather flashing, slithering on the ground, being polite in a bar ... I need not continue because it's boring AF. As a guy, all of a sudden I get it. That pussy will get chafed so hard just to get it started!

Which brings us to the crux of the problem. Females get buyers remorse. Less deceitful males get, emotionally damaged, hand me down pussy. The peecocks, our scum, gets first dibs and seconds and thirds.

We've evolved passed this haven't we? I suspect that our social evolution has bred a new kind of female. One that copulates with the aggressive , deceitful males and finds shelter and protection in the honest males.

So for the males out there my scientific conclusion is that were just being plain ol literally - fucked. Only the most devious males will get the biggest part of the fuck pie.

I need answers ladies. Douchebagging for survival makes much more evolutionary sense to me now. Being nice is a sign of weakness. A pushover. A consolation prize.

I can't stand this conclusion. Fuck.


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