Writing Review

My writing in review

I went through the entries I've written since the inception of my personal blog and I'm stunned by the volume of words i've pumped out since late December last year. (I have yet to master Nazi-ing with grammatical, composition and spelling errors... I do have the tendency to post then edit post-post)

Funny how events in your life can jolt you out of a comfort zone. Usually, the entries I make are strictly confidential. As it turns out, my gloriosity hungers for an audience other than myself. Embarrasing for me but true.

It couldn't be that this writing spree happened overnight too. In keeping with the theories found in the book - The tipping point - a series of seemingly insignificant, but related events have led to this moment - that you are reading something that is (now was) intended only for me.

Since my first EPIC global entry - douchie- i've noticed that my speed in writing has increased significantly. The douchebag entry took over six non-stop hours to write! My hands and eyes were in pain since I typed that on a desktop pc. Desktop blogging is soo early 2k btw. Haha

The friends I get to hang out with provide me limitless things to write about. I have to single out a particular one though - Mon or Monica, who egged me on to write. Muchos gracias to her! Because of her feedback through our coffee convos, I now write for multi-player, not single player anymore. I have yet to finish a movie or TV series script, which was the original push Mon had in mind. I'll get back to that, hopefully very soon! The feedback my friend gives me, feeds my feelingero mind that I have the gift of writing pala all this time! Thanks buddy!

To my other dear and very much loved friends - don't ever think that I've forgotten you. Get in touch with me if you feel you need to be acknowledged for pushing me to write. I'll tell you when I remembered convos we've had about writing. And also so I know you've read my stuff!!!! Haha

I know now that what I like writing about is usually the stuff I've observed. I don't always write stuff about feelings, or experiences, or introspection nor issues I see around me. My writing closely mirrors the conversations I have with friends, beyond the catchup kwentos of course. I debrief with friends often, but when I self-debrief, what you read is pretty much what's in my head when I have a cig break or whatnot. The stuff that I think I understand better, usually makes into this blog. The stuff I'm still figuring out are found in draft mode right about now.

When I started this personal blog I can't even finish an entry. Back then, I easily loose focus and/or get burned out easily just thinking of what to write. It's amusing how things change, as I can't wait to come up with the next entry!


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