This tiny little infant in a blue and white polkadot dress was so cute and adorable. As me and my buddy wait for the sunlounger chairs to be vacated by the poolside, we were left with no other choice but to sit so close to this baby in all its cuteness.

And thats how it started.

Soon i was gazing into the 5 month old-ish toddler's eyes. She then started smiling and twisting her wrist as if she wanted a swig of beer. I had a can of red horse in hand. I mumbled these words to her: "nope, you're too young for this". She was engaging me with her baby laugh and pointed at my drink. She repeated her i-want-a-swig wrist gesture. This kid! I then tell my friend, "yo check out the baby..."

You know what, this darling little toddler was on to something! She gestured to my friend this time that she wanted to smoke what we smoked! My crazy friend gives the sign of approval. I tell baby "nope, dont listen to your uncle, youre too young for that...".

And she didn't stop! After that, she was then covering one nostril. A snort! This 5 month old infant i tell you! I then told her "you cant even have alcohol yet, all the more you cant have a snort of that...". This crazy little angel just continued with her cuteness and good vibes. She did not throw any baby tantrum at all that afternoon! There was nothing pink on her too, which was uber rare. (No baby girl will EVER not have any pink clip, shoes, heart shape whatever, there will always be pink somewhere. Except this cute little baby!)

I wanted to baby talk with baby a little bit longer but i was already dying for a cig smoke. And when i had moved to a smoking area and finished my cig, my powers to communicate with babies have all but dissappeared.

When i returned to where she was, her playful demeanor was gone. She just looked around at whatever stuff had caught her eye. She seemed detached now. As her yaya started to feed her with bottled milk, our bond with this baby has diminished and faded. The lounge chairs have now been vacated. Its time to move from where we were. All that's left to do is to just sunbathe and take a swim beneath the warm and beautiful sunday afternoon sun.

I was trippin so bad awhile ago.

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