Friday Night

Friday Night

The monotonous humming of the ac motor fills the silence of this Friday night, a somewhat odd and rare occurrence in recent memory.

The darkness envelops my room with only this smartphone's screen and the single yellow led from the AC that gives this room it's play of dark and light.

My minds wanders in thought on what is there to write about? What of the others typically drowining themselves in beer and whiskey? And also of those steamily making furious and passionate love in the stealth and protection of a similar darkness? Of those who partake in snorting, ingesting and taking in other substances in pursuit of a perfect high.

I now join yet those others who choose to stay at home on a Friday night like this. As I retrospect, there really hasn't been much quiet Fridays like these in a long while. I begin to appreciate the freedom of choosing to be home than to rowd away among the social souls of vibrant manila.

There are no friends that need emotional saving tonight. There are no social calls in which I have a pressing need to attend to. There are no discussions that are left hanging that need to be talked about. There truly is no excuse to go out since I could feel that sleep shall overtake me soon.

In these hushed moments, I thank my Maker. He provides me rest and reasons not to partake in other pleasures. He allows me to rediscover this untroubled and simple freedom: To be comfortably alone and content with no worry to be found.


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