The hunt begins

After years of saying to myself "i'll have a beer for a week or two or more" at east of saint louis, i finally did!

"What's it like?" You ask, It feels like an awkward "stakeout" like in american cop movies. EOSL isn't exactly a distillery or resorts world type place to be but at least, the beer is relatively cheap.

The car, or should I say *cars* that I'm stalking are Z's. One is a 240 and the other a 260 zed. Both cars are parked outside the bar left at the mercy of manila's unforgiving weather. Both cars are "cracky" black, the former in a sorrier state than the latter. The 260z is a 1977 model which is a 2+2 (can accommodate 4 passengers) whlist the 240 is a traditional and proper 2 seater sports car. Although both cars are venerable zeds, the 240z is the collectible of the two.

As I wait taking swigs at my P45 beer, I find myself wondering if I would actually meet the owner by some odd chance. To clue you in my dear reader, the owner barely goes here, according to the waiters here. My "grand plan" is to have nightcaps here for a week or two until I get to speak to the owner if he'd be willing to part with his 240 for a pauper's sum.

The bar it itself looks like it's seen it's fair share of movie and tv cameos from the 90's. The place is somberly lit, with some of the spotlights aimed at dated, hand painted mural of a continental map. Another wall featured a collection of photos of random jazz artists (beats me who they are!). Yet another set of lights are pointed at wooden sculptures of a performing jazz band.

The music on this random Thursday night is soothing old school senti songs like "till they take my heart away","I wish I was making love" "love is the answer" etc... the sound system is quite impressive though in bayo bayo terms, "clarity lang pre" hehehe

As I finish through my second sml, I take comfort in being able to begin this lonesome yet personally rewarding task. I even rang my younger bro and he even pledged to join me in this oddity of a nightcap next week. To wrap up this post, my "trippy" meter would rate this as a strong 8.5 / 10. The song playing as I close this entry is overjoyed by no other than stevie wonder. Not bad eh? :)


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