Aircon Woes Part 1

Visited magic emil (My "Mekaniko") for a quick checkup of tgm(The Green Machine). The car had aircon issues for over 3 weeks now: walang lamig. Incidentally, I told him that my car had oil pressure issues and stalling engine trouble when in edsa traffic. After looking around a bit, he noticed that the timing was advanced and suggested that it may be the cause to my woes. He turned it down and voila! My hard starting issues dissappeared! Will have to observe whether this is the cause for my traffic woes and overheating problems...if it gets fixed... my travelling range would extend to tagaytay! Yahoo!

Update: July 20, 2011

The engine still overheats. I still lose oil. The crank for starting is still great though. boo hoo for tagaytay...

Aircon Part 2 when I have money na ulit :)


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