A worn out shoulder pad and what seemed to look like a spaghetti strap.

She call out to me from the bedroom with something like: "Huy, ano to?" while referring to those items like evidence to a crime. I gaze into her eyes, upset and glowing red with a determination I can't quite seem to grasp. "I don't know." I replied. My shoulders shrugged as I think to myself, what's the real angle here? "I know we're not together (as a couple) pero bakit may strap ng swimsuit dito?". Words of suspicion as she slowly shakes her head and her body so stiff while I try to ease her being so wound up. "Y'know, the only other girl whose gone up here is your younger sister (7yo) for a swim. And these shoulder pads... " My God, those shoulder pads were frayed and worn out and looked like they did come from under the bathroom sink in which, by the way, is where I saw and didn't mind moments earlier.

Long and short of it, she hurriedly left my condo. I followed suit to try to understand what she wanted by making an issue. I walked her to her car so I can defend myself. I get rubbed the wrong way when I'm wrongly accused because if and when I am at fault, I take full responsibility and apologize till kingdom come. She gets in and zooms away.

Someone from the office was with me at the condo, and when I returned, he tells me that she might be trying to catch me if I'm up to something. "Boss, hinuhuli ka lang nun..." We trade hehe's and laugh about the items in question: the dingy shoulder pad and the pseudo spaghetti strap.



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